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 Arcanine Blaze's (RMT) Rules and Tutorial

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Arcanine Blaze's (RMT) Rules and Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Arcanine Blaze's (RMT) Rules and Tutorial   Arcanine Blaze's (RMT) Rules and Tutorial EmptyThu Jun 04, 2009 3:35 pm


Here at Arcanine Blaze, we strive to create a community of learners aswell as teachers to better the quality of pokemon battlers.

In order to maintain order, we must work together while maintaing a fair and mutual respect for one another. In order to ensure this; we have created a list of rules to protect the rights of those posting, aswell as rating.


  • Respect All Members and Staff: In order to maintain peace and tranquillity; in most cases, you must treat others as you would like to be treated. However, because a choice few groups of people decide to take this out of context; you are not allowed excessive foul language, you cannot discriminate over race, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, sexuality, or beliefs. You must respect others aswell as ideas, but are not restricted from the use of creative sarcasm and "tough love" as long as it falls within the boundaries of the rules.
  • Do not spam: Please, don't spam. It's annoying to edit or delete spam, and even more annoying to punish those who do spam. It takes time away from what we moderators and admins are doing, and irritates us.
  • Other's Work: As someone seeking assistance or someone rating a team, you are often required to use the work of others. When doing so, be sure to quote where you got the information from if it was an original work. For example:

    Arcanine Blaze's (RMT) Rules and Tutorial 373
    Salamence@Life Orb
    232 Atk 24 SpA 252 Speed
    ~Dragon Dance
    ~Fire Blast

    Quote :
    The Dragon Dance set is one of Salamence's most dangerous options and is incredibly effective at sweeping towards the end of a match or breaking the mid-game wide open. Salamence is reasonably sturdy and sports a number of key resistances, including immunity to Ground-type attacks, so it should have no problem finding an opportunity to use Dragon Dance. STAB Outrage is extremely powerful and thus a fairly obvious choice; after a single Dragon Dance and with Life Orb, it is capable of at worst 2HKOing almost every Pokémon available in the OU tier, including the Steel-types that resist it. Earthquake complements Outrage well, covering most Steel-types such as Heatran and Metagross that resist Dragon; it also provides a good attacking option when Salamence isn't ready to use Outrage, such as during the beginning of a game. Fire Blast handles the very defensive Steel-types that Earthquake doesn't affect significantly, such as Skarmory and Forretress, and OHKOes Scizor; Stone Edge doesn't do nearly as much against Skarmory, but will OHKO the standard physically defensive Zapdos and offensive Gyarados (taking Intimidate into account) after a Dragon Dance. Dragon Claw is a perfectly usable option in the final slot for a secondary STAB in situations where you prefer to not lock yourself into Outrage. If you opt for Dragon Claw, it is suggested that you couple Salamence with Magnezone support to eliminate bulkier Steel-types.

    The nature and EVs given are for use with Fire Blast. The small Special Attack investment allows Salamence, with its respectable base 110 Special Attack, to always OHKO a full health maximum HP, minimum Special Defense Impish Skarmory. If one elects to use Stone Edge or Dragon Claw, a 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe spread with an Adamant or Jolly nature will suffice. The choice between the Attack-boosting and the Speed-boosting nature depends partially on personal preference. The Attack-boosting nature is recommended if the set contains Stone Edge so Salamence can OHKO physically defensive Zapdos after a Dragon Dance, but the Speed-boosting nature often proves helpful with Fire Blast. While it may seem that Salamence would have more than enough Speed to sweep effectively after a Dragon Dance, a Speed-boosting nature prevents the possibility that Pokémon like Modest Choice Scarf Gengar, Timid Choice Scarf Roserade, and Jolly Choice Scarf Lucario might stand in its way. Additionally, a Speed-boosting nature ensures that Salamence ties with Zapdos, Jirachi, Celebi, and even other Salamence at worst.

    Life Orb is the preferred item because its 30% power boost offers Salamence the opportunity to OHKO many Pokémon it otherwise wouldn't be able to, such as Zapdos and Gyarados. However, it offers no defensive properties, and even detracts from Salamence's HP every time it attacks; as such, Yache Berry and Lum Berry are options for more conservative players. Yache Berry will let Salamence survive most unSTABed Ice attacks, but unlike its Swords Dancing Dragon counterpart Garchomp, Salamence has Dragon Dance, whose Speed-boosting effect lessens the danger from faster Pokémon with Ice attacks; however, Yache Berry is still helpful against Ice Shard users like Mamoswine, bulky Water-types that won't be OHKOed by Outrage, and extremely fast Pokémon that will outrun Salamence even after a Dragon Dance. Lum Berry is another useful defensive item that will heal Salamence if it inadvertently is paralyzed, burned, or put to sleep.

    This is ok. It is a universal set for all to use and is what we call standard. However; if you copied someone's work that is lesser known, it would be best to post where you obtained you information. As far as copying text goes, if you copied it then we expect you to quote it as I have done in the example.
    Rate My Team Guide

  • Creating (RMT):When posting a (RMT), we expect you to follow all rules aswell as follow the proper format of making a (RMT). The proper and standard for this site is as follows:

    Ability*(If pokemon has multiple abilities)


    (*Indicates fields that may not be required)

    In order to recieve assitance, sometimes it's neccessary to have your (RMT) look appealing. A catchy title or the use of the images, description, or attractive colors or layout can help accomplish this and reel in the suckers fish who will feed you valuable information and advice.

    To become more appealing; although more time consuming; threat list and damage calculations are great options as it gives the rater or audience (if you are a show off) a better understanding of what you are thinking and what you hope to accomplish.

    Threat list is a list of pokemon in a tier(s) that are a threat to any team in the form of attacking, defending, or stalling.
    Damage Calculations is how much damage a pokemon may give to a particular pokemon.

  • Rating (RMT):
    In order to create better trainers, you do rater must be a fairly educated trainer/battler. You must battle competitvely or have a great understanding of the current and constantly improving updating
metagame. You should be able to cover the basics of battling and strategy, and be able to go as far as the complexities of synergy and proper team building. Crap advice is not acceptable. Partial information is ok as long as it's efficent and to the point, aswell as relevant; however full rates are more appreciated. For example:

Quote :
Gyrados rips a hole in your team.

Acceptable; but why does the great levithan OHKO every pokemon on they're team?

A better rate would be:

Quote :
Gyrados drowns your goldfish with waterfall, buries your dog with earthquake, and takes killing two birds with one stone edge to a new level

So remember, if you expect to rate, be smart, know your stuff, be respectful, and give full descriptions with reasoning if possible.

Arcanine Blaze's (RMT) Rules and Tutorial More-fire
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Arcanine Blaze's (RMT) Rules and Tutorial
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